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It is with no doubt that Kenyans have a serene environment crowned with tasty cuisine as away of unwinding and relaxing after a long day of stress ,hustle and bustle of life.

Birthday parties

Depending on the time the birthday celebration is going to take place we have a wide range of menus…..

Birthday cake Snacks
Vanilla cakes-2kg-2300/= Sandwiches,pastries,strewdels-1pc-60/=
Fruit cakes-2kg-2500/= Mandazis,mahamri-1pc-30/=
Black forest & white forest cakes-2kg-2600/= Samosas-1pc-50/=
Sponge cakes-2300/= Biscuits,popcorns,crisps-1pkt-420/=
Graduation ceremonies
For graduation ceremonies we prefer offering tradition meals here is a sample menu…
  • Beef stew{with peas carrots}&fried chicken
  • Pilau with ukwaju sauce
  • Green mukimo
  • Njahi stew
  • Fried managu with cream sauce
  • Assorted fruits
  • Kachumbari salad
650/= per plate
This is exclusive of drinks please note carefully
If you prefer your event outdoor this is the best menu for you
  • Cream of lentil soup
  • Arrangement of assorted salads and homemade dressings
  • charcoal roast chicken with fresh coconut masala sauce
  • Roast beef with caimer-mer sauce
  • All served with all roast potatoes
  • Dana Dana rice
  • Ugali
  • Buttered sukuma wiki
  • A selection of desserts
  • Assorted fruits in season
  • Assorted sodas/drinks
750/= per plate
Cream of celery soup or Mixed veg salad/homemade dressings
  • Chicken fricassee with Mexican sauce
  • Braised lamb chops in a bed of pepper sauce
  • Al served with French fried potatoes
  • Rice pilaf
  • Vegetable Shanghai
  • Tropical fruit salad/platter
  • Kenyan tea or coffee
  • Assorted sodas/drinks
800/= per plate
Continental breakfast
Tea/coffee, toasted bread[with butter],sausages, fried egg, fruit slices 350/= per plate

For weddings we do different menus depending on what the client prefers and we consider the courses of the menu: starter, coleslaw salad,In a vinegret dressing

Main course - beef ragout/ chicken tikka
  • Saffron rice
  • Mukimo
  • Chapatis
  • Vegetable Shanghai
  • Dessert - assorted fruit platter & Assorted drinks
700/= per plate inclusive of drinks
Another range of menu is as follows
  • Kachumbari salad
  • Chicken in masala sauce
  • Beef goulash
  • Irio
  • Njahi stew
  • Spinach &buttered sukuma wiki
  • Assorted fruit platter
  • Assorted sodas
700/= per plate
Cocktail parties
Meatballs Chicken drumsticks
Cocktail canapés Pannier samosas
Sandwiches/mandazis Sausages, sausage roll,smokies
Chicken wings Biting’s[crisps,peanuts,popcorns]

A glass of juice, chicken wing, beef samosa, vegetable sandwich with sauce- 450/=per plate.

American breakfast
  • Mango/passion juice/cereals/yoghurt
  • Cold cuts {salami/condiments}
  • Bacon/fried beef sausages/beef dice
  • Boiled/Spanish omelet/san side up/fried egg
  • Lyonnais potatoes/baked beans
  • Fruit salad/fruit platter
  • Kenyan tea or coffee
  • Tea/coffee/chocolate
600/= per plate

In case of a conference, you might need a meal in between the breaks we offer

Tea, samosas, mandazis , smokies

250/= per plate

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